Kiddies Lessons
Kiddies Lessons

Welcome to COPA Academy’s basic practical instrument course for part-time learners of all ages & instruments!

The idea is to provide a South African product that is locally accredited and will allow any musical genre to be studied. As a contemporary music institution our series of books will focus on the bass guitar, drum kit, electric/acoustic guitar, keyboard and vocals.

We believe what makes our approach in this series of part-time books unique is that we have not included set pieces. We have merely given guidelines as to the pieces you need to prepare in the contemporary/popular musical genre. You are therefore able to learn your songs of choice and only if you wish to take the assessment do you need to indicate your song choice on the entry form for approval.

Our series of books can be worked through from cover-to-cover and gives you the option of taking an assessment at the end of the course. Alternatively these books can be worked through casually at your own pace.

To get the most out of the lessons, you will need to put aside time during the week to practise and implement the lessons covered. Lessons may be recapped on numerous occasions as repetition is the key to being able to play an instrument (including vocals) brilliantly!

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Remember practice makes perfect, have fun & enjoy the lessons!

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