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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of common questions

asked by prospective franchisees when looking to invest in a COPA Academy Franchise. You may find some common ground right here!

Is COPA Academy a South African Franchise?

Yes. COPA Academy is a South African Franchise with its head office based in Midrand Johannesburg, South Africa

What Size is a typical COPA Academy?

The size of the academy is suggested to be between 60 square metres to 80 square metres.

How much cash do I require?

You will require a mandatory minimum of 90% of the total cost in unencumbered cash to cover the Franchise purchase, musical instruments, curriculum purchases and your working capital for cash flow for the first few months once you have opened and launched.

How do I finance the rest of the money needed?

The balance of the investment levels you may finance through a financial institution of your own choice providing you have the necessary collateral. We will assist you in compiling your business plan for submission to your preferred bankers once you have become a Franchisee.

Do these prices include Vat?

No, VAT at the current rate of 15% must be added, which is recoverable once you have registered as a VAT vendor.

Who would be a suitable Franchisee?

You will need proven financial and business acumen as well as accreditation or experience in music discipline with a love for children and their talent development. Because you will be the owner operator, you will need high energy levels and exceptional communication, people management skills and of course a passion for music.

May I contact COPA Academy Head Office?

Yes, the telephone number is (+27) 11 622 7253. Garth and Celeste Farrant are the Franchisors and Founders of COPA Academy (Pty) Ltd.

May I get information / advice from other Franchisees?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so as part of your due diligence.

Where is the best place for me to open a COPA Academy?

We can advise on locations that we have researched and identified as ideal for a COPA Academy.

What support would I receive when opening a Academy?

Your Launch / Franchise Manager will support you all the way, mentoring you and your team in the run up to opening your new academy, including support on your opening day and thereafter.

Is there ongoing operational support?

Yes, there is world-class ongoing and continuous operational support from head office.

How long does the Training process take?

Initial training consists of two weeks in the classroom and two weeks practical training. Classroom, practical and online training is provided on a continuous basis thereafter for staff and Franchisees.

May I see the Franchise Agreement?

Yes, once we have received and approved your preliminary application and you have signed our Confidentiality Agreement.

Is there an Exit Strategy for me?

Yes, you may sell your business if and when you wish. The Franchisor will need to approve the buyer. The proceeds of the sale are yours.

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