A fantastic opportunity to own your own COPA Academy
A fantastic opportunity to own your own COPA Academy

Why choose COPA Academy?

COPA Academy was founded in 2013 and is part of the Campus of Performing Arts group of companies.

We are the market leaders in contemporary music education and pride ourselves that we have a set curriculum designed to help your students flourish.

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Franchise Opportunities

The COPA Academy Franchise

What is COPA Academy?

COPA Academy is a part of the Campus of Performing Arts group of companies with a strictly part-time offering in Music Performance (bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocals), Music Production (recording a band, sequencing a song) and DJ.

What makes COPA Academy Unique?

COPA Academy has, for the first time in South Africa, made a world-class product available to all aspiring musicians, producers (including sound engineers) and DJ’s through a network of approved COPA Academy centres around South Africa. The academy now incorporates franchises into its mix for children in primary and high school to participate in extra-curricular activity at our franchises available in various areas across South Africa, where children can nurture their musical talents.

Introducing the COPA Academy Franchise

COPA Academy was founded to become a feeder for Campus of Performing Arts’ full time programmes. In COPA’s many school career expos that it attends, there are thousands of names being collected annually, the majority of which are seeking part-time contemporary music education.

Garth Farrant realised that the SETA accredited programmes could be unpacked and broken into different courses and modules ranging across various difficulty levels, namely beginner to advanced. Many of COPA’s graduates expressed their interest in becoming contemporary music teachers and were being employed by various part-time music schools to teach on a part-time basis, none of which direct potential fulltime learners back to COPA. There was also a growing concern that the level of contemporary part-time music education in South Africa is largely unregulated and not well-organised.

The idea then came about to create potential employment for suitable graduates by pairing them with suitable franchisees who in turn would be fed leads from applicable schools in their franchised area, who would, in turn, direct potential students back to Campus of Performing Arts to continue their full-time higher music education.

We gain a great deal of insight from the leads collected annually at the school career expos into what the target market is looking for and this continues to assist us in making tailor-made, suitable courses available to our students and children continuously.

Franchise Opportunities

Becoming a Franchisee with COPA Academy

What is COPA Academy’s Typical Franchisee Profile?

COPA Academy is looking for franchisees with entrepreneurial flair, willing to go above and beyond just teaching a handful of children on their own. COPA Academy is looking for franchisees that they can help achieve a business where they not only have empowered themselves and the children they are teaching, but have commenced working with other like-minded teachers and professionals to make a difference in their immediate communities. 

Besides great textbooks, COPA Academy undertakes to assist its franchisees in the development of their academies to become a force to be reckoned with in their area! A franchisee may be an individual, an organization (e.g. church) or even a school that is looking to purchase an academy for their area. We would also encourage existing music schools to consider converting to a COPA Academy simply because of the access it gives its learners to the music industry.

What Criteria does a Prospective Franchisee Need to Become a COPA Academy Franchisee?

The following are some of the selection criteria that we consider when deciding on awarding a franchise:

  • An owner operator, with previous business experience.
  • Passionate about music with the necessary experience in various disciplines and qualifications who loves working with children of all age groups.
  • A high degree of energy with a strong sense of creative ability and able to use initiative.
COPA Academy sees its franchisees as entrepreneurs that:
  • Will grow his / her business to meet the stipulated student numbers as determined per the recommendations of COPA Academy through ongoing mentorship and more if possible;
  • Would actively manage their franchise with confidence, ideally a disciplined and performance motivated individual with a sound knowledge of music and its industry;
  • Would actively market and promote, hand in hand with COPA Academy, as well as on his / her own within the geographical area allocated within the franchise agreement;
  • Is willing to expand by employing other tutors to teach at his / her COPA Academy;
  • Would ensure that suitable, ‘fit for purpose’ premises, which is subject to the approval of the franchisor, is sourced along with the guidelines provided by the franchisor, equipped in accordance with COPA Academy’s prescribed standards, and maintained and upgraded for the duration of the franchise agreement period;
  • Would willingly utilise COPA Academy’s approved resources / textbooks for any and all tuition and would willingly work within COPA Academy’s stipulated fee structures;
  • Would encourage any suitable learners to take the Campus of Performing Arts / any other appointed partner assessments at the relevant times as well as assist in the learner’s preparation and enrolment.
COPA Academy Franchise Areas Available

Franchises are available nationwide in various major cities and previously selected, viable country towns all over South Africa. A smaller town with surrounding towns in close proximity will only sustain one franchise and this exclusivity may be granted to the franchisee at the time of signing a franchise agreement.

Due Diligences and Viability

The viability of a franchise area is determined beforehand through market research and due diligence studies that look at population density studies, income and related studies, schools both public and private within the area, business density studies and the like.

Franchise Head Office Support Structure

The Head Office Franchise Support Structure works as follows:

  • Mandatory initial theoretical and practical training of 2 weeks at the Franchise Head Office.
  • Opening support (build out, shop fitting, guidance on business registration, VAT, PAYE and UIF, staff recruitment etc), and the traditional hand holding of a further 2 weeks recommended after opening.
  • Regular monthly visits by our franchise management team to ensure that the franchisee and the staff are managing the business, keeping the correct stock and maintaining the correct standards as prescribed by the franchisor.
  • On-going refresher training every quarter.
  • An email enquiries system and the use of an online Forum so that franchisees may interact and assist one another is in development.
  • A “hotline” for franchisor and franchisee support.
  • We will also assist our franchisees in implementing sustainable business plans and marketing strategies to drive leads and sales through their doors through monthly visits.
Franchisee Training and Launch

COPA Academy franchisees receive intense training in all facets of running the franchise business model including but not limited to course material knowledge, the basics of accounting and financial management, sales and marketing training. Theoretical training is complemented with practical exposure.

It is important that a COPA Academy franchisee works together with their launch manager who renders support and drives the franchise during its opening stages with the traditional handholding method during the first three months when the franchisee will be visited biweekly and thereafter, once a monthly basis.

National Marketing

The marketing department ensures that the following responsibilities are carried out for the franchisor and its network:

  1. Market Research to stay abreast with the latest marketing trends within the industry.
  2. The development of marketing strategies, campaigns and promotions for the franchisees.
  3. Pre-launch marketing support – this is provided through pre-launch marketing material, pamphlets, ads, social media exposure, press releases and the like.
  4. Additional marketing for franchisee lead generation.
  5. Public relations.

A national footprint of COPA Academies will be achieved through website advertising, social media advertising on mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and the like. Networking memberships such as Business Network International ( are recommended and encouraged. National marketing is undertaken every quarter through various mediums, targeting parents who want to encourage nurturing their children’s musical talents through the relevant marketing forums available.

Franchise Opportunities

The 8 Easy Steps to Opening Your Own COPA Academy Franchise

Own a COPA Academy Franchise!

You want to own a business. You’d like a business that’s focussed on music, performance, creativity and most especially CHILDREN! You wish to help children nurture their musical talents to realise their dreams on stage? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Our children’s success is our success! Seriously though, we’re all about joy, fun, creativity and success.

You may just be our next franchise superstar! THAT’S THE JAM! Who wouldn’t want to be involved in something as rewarding as this?

Today, businesses can’t just be great at what they do. They’ve got to look great, be unique, jump out of that beige box and make themselves memorable. And this is where COPA Academy helps you! Add to all this, comprehensive training, ongoing support and a fantastic team that has your back 100% of the time, you’re onto a winner!

So, if you: 

  • LOVE Children!
  • Have musical qualifications, background or experience!
  • Understand the value of marketing in growing a business!
  • Appreciate the importance of superior customer service!
  • Are keen to be a driving force for your children’s talents!
  • You’re really cool at hanging backstage, while your students stand out front and shine… contact us to become a franchisee today!

1. Complete the contact form.

2. COPA Academy will make contact with you once we have received your contact form to arrange a meeting with our franchise sales team.

Should you decide to proceed with the franchise opportunity, we would initially require that you sign a Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement to protect our Intellectual Property. From this point on you will be provided with confidential information which you will need while proceeding with your due diligence exercise.

You will also receive:
– The COPA Academy Disclosure Document (drafted in accordance with the standards set out by the Franchise Association of South Africa and the Consumer Protection Act).
– A draft copy of the COPA Academy Franchise Agreement (drafted in accordance with the standards set out by the Franchise Association of South Africa and the Consumer Protection Act).

3. We would like to encourage you to meet and talk to our existing Franchisees during your due diligence process, should you need any additional information to enable you to reach a decision as well as a franchise attorney to assist you in understanding the Franchise Agreement you are about to sign.

4. Meet with the Franchisor to sign your Franchise Agreement.

5. Find your premises. We provide you with the guidelines in terms of the acquisition of premises for the new Academy. We will also provide a full project management service for the shop fit and preparation of your new Academy once the floor plan has been agreed to.

6. Complete your Business Plan (and Loan Application if necessary). We will assist you with these documents where necessary.

7. Start your four week training programme.

8. Recruit your staff. They are required to complete a training programme pertinent to their role. Your Launch Manager will assist with all aspects of getting your academy ready for its opening day, Then – open your academy doors and start trading!

Franchise Opportunities

The COPA Academy Franchise Package Highlights & Financial

A COPA Academy franchise is a full turnkey operation.

The purchase price includes a fully functional and fitted, previously approved premises. The working capital must be available to cover all overheads for the first few months. This includes premises deposits and rental, pre-opening marketing, salaries etc.

It is important to note that earnings and profitability depend on the franchisee’s commitment to being hands on in his / her business, working hard with consistent marketing and ensuring that all overheads remain controlled and in check.

All prices are subject to change without notification, as costs of labour, materials and other associated costs increase.

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