HIP HOP Production 101
COPA Academy introduces the Hip-Hop 6 -week course!!
HIP HOP Production 101
COPA Academy introduces the Hip-Hop 6 -week course!!

1 on 1 classes unpacking the Hip-Hop genre and how to create your own Hip-Hop tracks!

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  • Sampling
  • Song Arrangements and Structure of most popular Hip-Hop tracks.
  • Defining the history and culture of Hip-Hop, as well as its pioneers
  • and more…

Duration & Classes

The HIP HOP 101  course is run over 6 weeks of 45-minute classes.

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Lesson FAQ’s

Q. How will the online courses take place
A. Lessons will take place weekly via Zoom.

Q. How will the time slots work for the online course.
A There are various time slots available. We try our best to accommodate the students’ schedule.

Q. Things you will need for the online course:
A. For lessons to take place effectively the student would need the relevant instrument, a note book, pen, the relevant COPA Academy book, access to a computer and headphones (optional).

Q. How will they receive the online course books?
A. Once payment is received the book will be emailed to them in a PDF format.

Q. What happens when I miss a course?
A. Should a student be absent from a lesson without timeous prior arrangement to reschedule, the lesson will be charged for in full and the student will forfeit the lesson.

Q. Rules of the course
A. Fees are payable in advance

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