Kiddies Vocal Lessons

Starting from R850.00 for 4x sessions

Does your child show an interest in learning to sing? We can help with COPA Academy’s part-time classes!

Individual lessons (one-on-one) are available at:
From R 850 per month where lessons are 4 x 30 minutes or 45 minutes in duration;

Lessons are focused on developing the following skills:

  • Performance
  • Technical
  • Reading

First-time enrolments: The first month’s fee, as well as R 250 for the book, will be payable in advance.


All books are charged at R 250 and is payable upon registration before lessons commence.

A 48 hour turnaround time needs to be considered for order and printing.


 Fees are payable monthly in advance.

 Individual Lessons: R 850 per month (4 x 30 minute lessons)

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If you have any questions about COPA Academy, our music courses or the application process you can get in contact by email, by phone on +27(0)11 622 7253, facebook or by dropping in during office hours.


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