Kiddies Violin Lessons

Sign up for kiddies Violin lessons from only R6850.00 for 4 x 30min sessions. That’s less than R213.00 per session!

ONLY R850.00R1,495.00

Does your child show an interest in learning to play Violin? We can help with COPA Academy’s part-time classes!

Individual lessons (one-on-one) are available at:
From R 850 per month where lessons are 4 x 30 minutes or 45 minutes in duration;

Lessons are focused on developing the following skills:

  • Performance
  • Technical
  • Reading

First-time enrolments: The first month’s fee, as well as R 250 for the book, will be payable in advance.

*Students would need the relevant instrument to take the course


All books are charged at R 250 & is payable upon registration before lessons commence.

A 48 hour turnaround time needs to be considered for order & printing.


Fees are payable monthly in advance.

Individual Lessons: R 850 per month
(4 x 30 minute lessons)

Please note

Students must have the appropriate instrument in order to participate in the course.


Q. How will the courses take place:
A. Lessons will take place weekly at one of our campuses.

Q. How will the time slots work for the course:
A. Students’ will be given a class schedule for this course for in person classes at a campus near you.

Q. Things you will need for the course:
A. For lessons to take place effectively the student would need the relevant instrument, a notebook, pen, the relevant COPA Academy book, access to a computer, and headphones (for online lessons).

Q. How will they receive the coursebooks?
A. Once payment is received the book will be given in a hard copy format or emailed to them in a PDF format for online lessons.

Q. What happens when I miss a lesson?
A. Should a student be absent from a lesson without timeous prior arrangement to reschedule, the lesson will be charged for in full and the student will forfeit the lesson.

Q. Rules of the course:
A. Fees are payable in advance (12 lessons can be paid over 2 installments). All part-time performance music students will be assessed during their first lesson to ensure that they are placed at the correct level

Q. Use of COPA Academy Gear for Beginners, Music Technology & DJ Students:
A. Use of a rehearsal room, for example, to use a drum kit, can be booked for two 30 minute slots per week, these must be booked 24 hours in advance.

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